Monday, February 19, 2007

Guest Postings

Now that it is even easier to get to the site since I bought the domain name, I am hoping for postings by people not in my class. If you are reading through the site, please post a comment here. FYI, your comment will not be shown until I moderate it. I have to be careful about the information posted!


Anonymous said...

it is much esier cuase i can't remember the web site!

Tara Windwalker said...

I saw the link to this site on and thought I would take a moment to say "hi" to the class. I really have enjoyed reading the website segments and seeing the photos of the class.

I don't think computers were even invented when I was your age. I certainly didn't have cool teachers like you have.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

(daisydear on

Anonymous said...

hey mr.C. I was in your class last year. nathaniel told me to do this.