Friday, February 01, 2008

Blogging Tiger Science Award

Kiley's post wins the best post award for: Why did the results of the experiments change from group to group?" Congratulations! For posting the best entry, you receive a star. Ask Mr. C how you can put it on your blog.

I think that the different groups had different answers because maybe some of the groups had pored the rain on to hard,or maybe they had a really sloped extra materials slid down the runoff and into the 50 ml. test tube or maybe there were loose materials so it made it easy for the loose materials to runoff into the test tube. Well I think that the 1st test had the most dirt,sand and humus in it because in the 2nd test the materials were wet so the materials in the 2nd test were packed in more there was no loose soil to go into the test tube.


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