Friday, January 30, 2009

Sharing Holes with Mr. Lamshed's Class

Mr. Lamshed's class in Adelaide, Australia is reading Holes at the same time we are. We are going to do something different and post on his blog for this assignment. He has 3 reflection questions over chapters 1-7. I want you to choose one of the questions and leave a comment on his blog.

Make sure you use correct grammar and punctuation. Use your first name only and add the address for this blog so they can track it back.

Here is the link to the blog.


NZWaikato said...

Not only are they reading it so is a school at Morrinsville Intermediate in the Waikato... I have alerted them to this site and the story link and they are going to check out both blogs!

Mr Lamshed said...

Hi Mr Cs Class!

It is great reading all the fantastic comments you are posting to our blog. Thanks for joining in our discussion. We are really enjoying HOLES and are glad we can share it with you!

Jarrod H said...

Hi Mr C's class Holes is a good book and the movie is to.It is great sharing all this information with u and i hope you enjoy the book to.

Ashton w said...

Hi Mr C's class Holes is a great book(so far)hopefully the movie is too because i haven 't seen it yeT enjoy the book.

Brodie said...

guday guys and girls in mr c's class

And mr c's bye