Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pivet Stick Figure Animator

Pivot Stick Figure Animator is freeware I downloaded after seeing examples created by students.

One great feature is you can add your own background and make interesting videos.


There are a few things to consider if you want to post the video to your blog. First you have to save your movie as a .gif file. This is a moving picture file (not to be confused with a .mov file) You have the option in the save menu of the program.

After I saved it as a .gif I uploaded it to the blog as a picture, but it was not animated. I did a Google search on "uploading gifs to blogger" and found this post from the blog Blogger Tips and Tricks. In it the author suggested using Photobucket to host the picture and using the html code to post the picture. As you can see above it worked!

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Mrs Bee said...

I have used Pivot briefly but had no idea you can add your own backgrounds! Room 7 is very keen to give this a go after seeing this photo. We looking forward to seeing a video example when you are ready.