Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Visit With Sean Hunt

My digital media class had a visit from a local former student, Sean Hunt. Sean just graduated from Webster University with a degree in film production. Here is a link to his website.

Sean deconstructed a few scenes from his last feature length film Platinum and answered questions from the students. He also met up with my former and future student Parker (above left) who makes movies to put on Youtube.

Before he met with my class I grilled him for an hour about making movies and he politely answered all my questions. I truly find the process of movie making fascinating and I understand that I would in no way be able to make them. We talked about telling stories, what his future plans are, and which directors inspire him (Spielberg and Lucas).

Sean is working on a new movie called Swing Set. He plans on having it ready for a Christmas vacation viewing. It was a real pleasure talking to Sean.

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Anonymous said...

Sean is a Fantastic mentor, talented Director and a great person all around. I am also wanting to be a filmmaker as of 3 years ago and Sean helped me 7 fold. God bless him!

-Chris Sutherland