Monday, October 25, 2010

Comments4Kids:Commenting Bombing All Week Long!

Since this is a short week, we are going to spend it commenting on blogs. First we are going to look at the Does Commenting Make a Difference? post. Then view Mr. Wood's post on 5 Smart Ways to Get Comments4Kids on Your Blog. Then we are going to pick some posts to comment on here. There are 84 blogs that are wanting comments! let's see how many we can leave a comment on.

I want you to make a link list of the posts you comment on. Put them on a blog post on the 8th grade groups. Hyperlink the list to the actual post.

Does Commenting Make a Difference?
5 Smart Ways to Get Comments4Kids on Your Blog.
Comments4Kids Blogs

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Miss W. said...

Thanks Tanner for leaving a comment on my class blog.

To answer your question, I run a student blogging challenge twice a year for a ten week period beginning March and September.

Students and classes from around the world register their blogs and take part in the challenges.

There are no actual winners, everyone learns to improve their blogs and make connections around the world.

Miss W Kids in the Mid