Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Google Apps for Education

Today my 8th grade students logged into their new Google Apps for Education account. They explored sending and receiving emails while a few brave souls checked out Google Calendars.

I spent about 20 minutes giving them an overview of the four major apps they had access to. It will be great for the students to have access to these powerful platforms and I can't wait to see what interesting ideas they come up with.

Tomorrow we begin setting up student blogs. We will be using Blogger as our platform of choice. I expect to see a lot of interesting (i.e. ugly) blogs being created over the next few days. My goal if for the student's first posts to go up on Friday. 


Andrea Blanco said...

How exciting! I've been working a lot with a third grade teacher this year and with her I'm about to introduce blogging to third graders. We will be using kidblogs and she is extremely excited. I bet your 8th graders showed great enthusiasm delving into the world of google today. Good luck facilitating the creation of those blogs tomorrow! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but still, hopefully students' first shots at blogs won't be too "ugly."

Wm Chamberlain said...

Andrea, thanks for the comment. We were going to make the blogs today, but testing got in the way. Tomorrow the kids will probably drive me crazy with all the questions, but it's all good. I have an interesting project that I am working on for next week that I can't wait to get them started on. :)