Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dynamic Periodic Table

 The Dynamic Periodic Table site has an amazing, interactive table that can give you a lot of information about elements. If you click on an element it gives you the Wikipedia article about that element. If you move the slider on the top right of the table you can see how the elements change state due to temperature. You can isolate the groups of metals, nonmetals, metalloids as well as the halogen and noble gasses.

One slightly hidden gem is the tabs at the top. Click on the orbital tab and it will show you the number of electrons found in each elements shells. Very, very cool!


Anonymous said...

This site is very cool :-] and I liked how you explained some of the features like the noble gasses. here the URL to my post:

Rahul said...

You can also explore this new Interactive Dynamic Periodic Table of Elements to learn everything about the elements. site has very cool dynamic layout, element discovery Timeline and visualisations trends for key properties. Also you can click on the element name and property name to know about them.

Alok Mishra said...

This periodic table is very easy to understand,