Monday, December 03, 2012

We Have Been Nominated!: Edublog Award Nominations

I am pleased to announce that our class blog has been chosen as a finalist for the 2012 Edublog Awards in the category Best Class Blog. This is a great honor and the fourth year for being nominated for this award. 

I am also really pleased to announce that the Twitter hash tag #Comments4Kids was nominated as Best Twitter Hashtag. You can learn more about Comments4Kids on the Comments4Kids blog.

If you would like to vote for these just click on the respective links above. If you don't want to vote, I still suggest you go and check out the nominees. There are a lot of great people represented and you and I can learn a lot from them.


Unknown said...

I happily voted for your blog! I stumbled upon it about 2 weeks ago as I was searching for a way to start and use a blog in my own classroom. I wanted a way to include parents in our daily work and school life. Your blog had some simple yet powerful ways to do that. Thank you! Here is our blog for you to take a peek at:
Maybe sometime soon we could collaborate and join our blogs up together along with our students. I am a 5th grade teacher in Phoenix, Arizona.

Again thank you Mr. C!

Five Alive said...

Congratulations on your nomination! Your class blog is awesome. My class just started a blog this year. I teach 5th grade in New Jersey. My student visited your blog today and were very impressed. They would love to be able to comment and connect. Please visit our blog.


Elena Nickerson