Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Survey Writing, Continental Shifting, Event Sequencing and Lab Visiting

We will sequence the events that took place in the movie Peter Pan (2003). I think we had a great discussion yesterday about the difference between the Peter Pan from the book Peter and Wendy and the Peter from this movie. I would love to have a discussion with the writer and director to see why they chose that path.

Today we will write our survey and instructions for administering the survey. It would be great if you remind me to ask teachers if we can come into their rooms to give the survey too ;)

I realize you need a bit more time to finish yesterday's assignment, but you better get with it. We will be reading lesson three today, then you will have the rest of the time to finish your work.

Science Lab:
I have no idea what you will be doing in the lab, but I did leave a reminder up above of what we did a month ago :)

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