Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pick an Event and Write About It

Today the lesson starts on Wikipedia's Timeline of United States History

1) Choose an even that took place between 1801 and 1815. Pick wisely, something that you are interested in. Take a few minutes to look through them before you choose.

2) After you have picked an event, find 5 good resource sites to learn about that event. You will need to identify these sites on your assignment.

3) On a Google Doc in your team drive, write a 300-500 word summary of your event. Answer the following questions in your summary:

a) What happened?
b) Why is this event important to United States history?
c) Why did you pick this particular event?

At the bottom of the document add links to the five sites you used as resources. Write the name of the site down, highlight it, then click on the chain button to add the web address. 

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