Monday, August 24, 2020

The Mystery of Skippy's Tombstone


Photo by Me

This is a tombstone that resides in my yard. It has been there as long as I can remember (45+ years). Today we will be looking at this artifact and try to learn as much as we can about it.

Your assignment is to come up with 20 questions that I will be able to answer with a yes or a no. I will then answer 20 of these questions for you. You will then write down everything you know about this artifact. 

I will finish by telling you all I know about this artifact, and some of the conclusions I have drawn about it. Will what you write match my story?

TSW examine an artifact and create appropriate questions to ask to learn more information about that artifact


Essential Question:

  • Why are historical artifacts important to us? (5 minutes)


  • Having a tombstone in class should be pretty engaging.  (Ordinarily I would bring in the tombstone, but with all of the Covid concerns we will just be using the picture)


  • The students will examine a tombstone that I brought in to class. (5 minutes)
  • They will create questions to ask me about the tombstone that can be answered as yes/no. (5 minutes)


  • I will explain what I know about the tombstone as well as what I do not know. (5 minutes)


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