Saturday, May 17, 2008

Introducing The Biome Project

It is time to unveil our newest project The Biome Project. This project asks the students to use art to create visual representations of biomes and then give information orally about the biomes.

Students were given two options with their projects. The first choice was to create dioramas of three biomes. They then had to give a presentation about the biomes that was recorded by our webcam on Ustream. Here is an excellent example of Macy's project.

The second choice was to represent the biomes using cut construction paper. The projects were photographed and uploaded to Voicethread, where the students then narrated the pictures. Here is Keith's example from the project.

I am very proud of the students' effort with this project. We started this with two weeks of school left, and they worked very hard to get them completed.

We would all be very pleased if you left a comment for the students.


kwillsonyshs said...

Excellent job! I enjoyed looking at and listening to your projects.

Anonymous said...

good job