Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Floating and Sinking Investigate 1

For our first experiment of the year, we brought five objects from home to test to see if they would float or sink. Here is Tristan explaining what he thinks his objects will do.

Here is video of Tristan doing the experiment. He puts each object in the water to see if it will float or sink.

What happened to your five objects, did they float or sink? Write what your objects are and what happened to them.


Tristan said...

The hackie sack floated.
The air soft bb sank.
The pen grip floated.
The pvc pipe sank.
the rubber band sank.

Emily said...

I had a pen cap, a ear ring, a back of the ear ring, a eraser, and a pencil.
The pen cap floated.
The ear ring sank.
The back of ear ring sank.
The eraser sank.
The pencil floated.

Ana S said...

The sharpener floated, the cap of the marker floated, protractor floated, the pen floated and the glue stick floated.

vanessa said...

I had a fake apple ,a bottle cap, a fake lizard, an eraser, and a little bottle of shampoo. The apple floated,a bottle cap floated the lizard floated , but the eraser sunk
the little bottle of shampoo floated.

Marlene said...

I brought a pen cap, eraser,a screw driver thing to screw,a high lighter,and a glue stick cap. the pen cap floated. The eraser sank. a screw driver thing to screw sank. The high lighter floated and the glue stick cap floated.

Nikita said...

High litter led floated.
Eraser sunk.
Led of a glue floated
Led of a pen floated.
A thing that you put on your pencil floated.

Cesar said...

In Mr.c's class we had an experiment was about flouting. We had to bring five things my things were a pecil lead, pen cap, pecil earaser, paper, pecil. The pecil floated, the pencil lead sank, the pencil earaser sank also. The paper floated, and so did the pen cap.

Tyler said...

I had a cap to a pen it floated.The pencil floated .The scissors sank. The glue floated .THE color pencil floated.

Miguel said...

The pin sank.The pies of paper float.The eraser sank. The pies of a dried grass float.The pies of stapler

Kenneth said...

I put a marker in the water and it foetid then I put a pan in the water and it foetid then I put a eraser in the water and it foetid

alex said...

It was good I like the hole thing. It was cool.

SarahF. said...

I have five things. A ponytail,clip, paper clip,necklace ,pen . My ponytail floated my clip sunk my paper clip sunk and my necklace sunk. But my pen floated.

sarah.m. said...

the rock sank
the nickel sank
the flower floated
the petal floated
the hair tie floated

kenzie said...

My magnet floated.
My gum ball sink.
My ponytail sink.
My bubble blower floated.
My declip sink.

shayla said...

Pen floated
Eraser for top of a pencil sank
Pencil grip floated
Highlighter cap floated
Bottom of a hand sharpener sank

Yesenia said...

I had a clip,eraser,pencil,boll,and a pen.The clip it sank. The eraser it floated. The pencil floated. The boll it sank. The pen it floated.

Vincent said...

My eraser sank. My blue lid floated. My ball of paper sank. My half of a broken pencil floated. My piece of led floated.

Yengshi said...

I had a dry grass,a a peace of pencil,a pen cap,a eraser.The dry grass float.The peace of pencil float.The pen cap float.The eraser sink.

Jesus said...

I put a pencil,high lighter, eraser serer.They sink

jose said...

I brought a mini pen

Abby said...

My five objects were a glue stick cap, pen cap, pencil, crayon, and eraser.All of my things floated except the crayon.

Suzanne said...

I brought an eraser, a small plastic dog, a crayon, and a domino and they all sank.

Karla said...

What we did was bring five things from our home.What i brought was
small pencil floated
pen lid floated
glue stick lid floated
cap eraser sank
eraser sank

anna a said...

I brought a easer,something from my shoe,hair tie,penny and a button and they all sunk.

elizabeth said...

I had a spinner thing,a witch thing,a gorrila toy,an alien toy,and a puppy toy.The witch thing,an alien toy,and the puppy toy sinked.The gorrila toy and the spinner toy floated.

tyler.h said...

My lid flouted my other lid sank my eraser sank my front of my pencil flouted my back of my pencil flouted

Gabriel said...

The eraser sank. The pencil floating. The pen floating.

alec said...

I had a penny and it sank.And i had a had a highlighter lid and it flout.And a scissor lid and it flout. and i had a pencil it flout.

jose s said...

I got a mini pencil,cap eraser,spring,pen cap,and a button.The pencil floated.The cap eraser sank.the spring sank.The pen cap floated.The button floated.

amy a said...

I had a plastic puzzle piece ,a quarter,a hair clip ,a pencil grip ,and a neck lace those were my idomes . the plastic puzzle piece floated and my quarter floated ,my hair clip sank ,my pencil grip floated ,and my necklace sank .

cole said...

Cap eraser:sank

Some of the things that floated were light objects.

Heavier things sank.

Emalyn said...

what i had for my 5 thing's are a piece of paper and a pen cover a glue cover eraser,pencil my paper sank pen cover floated ,glue cover floated eraser,sank pencil,floated.

audy said...

The marble floated
The bottle lid floated
The bracelate sunk
The marker floated
The eraser sunk

Samantha said...

Before I began to drop my objects in
the container I studied my objects.
I had written my hypothesis on a paper.
I thought that my five objects would sink but my hypothesis was wrong.The
crayon sunk down,the small pencil floated along with the cap that belonged to a pen,and my small eraser sunk with my pencil eraser.

april said...

`Spring sank.
marker lid floated.
glue lid floated.
eraser sank.
pencil floated.

cruz a. said...

I had a cap eraser,glue stick cap,pencil,pencil grip and pin cap all of them float but the eraser sink.

Alex H said...

I brought 5 things and that was a Hi liter lid,glue stick cap,a eraser,pen cap,and a piece of paper.

Emalyn said...

my 5 thing's i bought was paper,glue cover pencover eraser pencil and 2 thing's sank and3 thing's floated.

Wendy p said...

all my idmsm folot uneder to the waws cold and .idnsm look the boll see theend

zeke said...

The marble sank
the rubber ninja sank
the foam disk floated
the disco piece sank
the water balloon nozzle sank

JOSE C said...

I Tote two little mare boles might float but i was wrong they sunk

Parker said...

My plastic cherry plastic banana my bead my zome ball battle ship peg all floated.

Slendy said...

I had a hair tie it sank
a straw it floated
a paper clip it sank
a sponge it floated
and a quarter it sank

Alex m said...

Wine i did my stuff in the bole
all ave it sank to the bottom ave the bole

Saul said...

Pencil floated.
Pen floated.
Eraser sank.
Crayon floated.
Paper sank.

seth said...

I brought a cap eraser, a bottle cap, a piece of paper, a dime, and a salt packet. I didn't have enough time to get anything interesting so the stuff I collected was in an old car.
The cap eraser sank.
The piece of paper floated.
The bottle cap floated.
The dime sank.
The salt packet floated.

kelsi said...

i had scissors and a pen eraser
lend eraser and ruler
then they sink.

rubecca said...

My 5 objects was a pencil,pen lid,scissor lid,comannical

Rosa said...

The stick glue ,pincel,rubber band, paper floated. But the coroly

Kyle said...

Easer floated,sharpener sank,mechanical pencil lied,pencil lied,highlight lied

Danny said...

I had a eraser, pinsel, glues tick , and a top and a led.

kelsey said...

I put in a pen,led holder,hair tie,and a candy raper they floated.The eraser sank.

Kayla said...

I put in a pen lid,pencil,dime,pencil sharpener the all sunk but the dime.

Michael said...

My five objects are a practice golf ball,toy ring, red and yellow lizard, bounce ball,and a green lizard.All my object except the the toy ring.Chamberlain class is fun. B^}

gavin said...

i used a crayon,marker,pencil,pen,and color pencil the crayon sank everything else floted

Natalia said...

i put a pencil ,sharpener,eraser,lied bottle and a lied pencil that is plastic ones they can't float.

sergio said...

I put a shell a tiny ball a eraser penny and a diamond and they sunk.

Maria said...

It a penny and

blake said...

I had a rubber band sank
the nail sank
the pin lid floated
the hair pen sank
the shoe lace floated