Monday, August 18, 2008

Science Unit Floating and Sinking


We examine the Scientific Method through our unit on Floating and Sinking. The video shows the opening demonstration of our unit. The students are asked to describe why one acrylic bead floats while the other sinks. They will not learn the answer until close to the end of the unit.

The essential question for this units is: Why do some things float while others sink?


blake said...

It that one bead was to big while the next bead was not the same size. I think that is why one had to sink but it might both be the same size.

Vincent said...

They were both the same how did the other one sink.

tristin said...

i think he put cemicals in it

kiley said...

i think the one that flaoted had salt in it like that egg flaoting trick or something like that p.s hi mister c LOL