Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exploring Simple Machines

What would happen if you found out you had a test tomorrow on simple machines? Questions you would have to answer include:

What is a simple machine?
2. How many simple machines are there?
3. Can you name all the simple machines?
4. Can you identify five simple machines in this school?

How would you answer these questions and be ready for the test? You would need to do research! Here are sites you can look at to find some of the answers to these questions. Answer these questions on paper with your partner and be ready to post your answers on Monday.

You may not need all the information from each site. Make sure you are only using information about simple machines.

Remember to not follow links off the web sites and do not click on any ads.


Mary Kathryn said...

What a great way to introduce a research topic. I really like that you gave the kids a starting point with the websites provided. I also (being a parent) love the fact that you reminded them of the safety procedures. Great job!

NZWaikato said...

One of my favourite aspects of this blog is the innovative and creative way that the work is produced and the ideas that come with it, it always seems like 'fun' for the students even when they are doing 'work'
Mr Webb and Room Eight, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Leeza said...

Oh! Simple machines! We are studying the same thing except we get a Lego kit and book. We build things that the book says to build and then we answer the questions. Now every time we have science class everyone goes,"YAY!"