Sunday, February 15, 2009

For the Love of History: Pea Ridge National Military Park

I had intended to write a blog post explaining the history of the Battle of Pea Ridge. I have several pictures I was going to post with explanations about the events that took place where the picture was taken. I was going to give some interesting facts about the battle such as the large group of Cherokee Indians that fought on the side of the Confederate States. I changed my mind.

Instead I want to focus on the love of history. When you watch the video below you will notice that the history interpreter, David Lewis, gives much more information about the Elk Horn Tavern site. He talks about cowboys and cattle drives, families, and stills. It was obvious to me that this gentleman loves history.

Not every student that passes through my fifth grade class appreciates history. Some find it downright boring. I can accept that, there are many things I don't care to learn about or experience that other people think is worthy of their time. It is important to realize that everyone has the right to choose their interests. That being said, I do think that more of my students would truly love to learn about history if they were more exposed to their national parks.

The Noel History Club in the last three years has traveled to Pea Ridge NMP, Wilson's Creek NMP, Fort Scott NHS, Tsa-La-Gi Cherokee Heritage Center, Central High School NHS, the Clinton Presidential Library, and other sites of local importance. I have loved every minute of it.

That is why I encourage you to take your children, the local scout troop, or even your homeroom class to a history site near you. That trip may start a life long love of learning about history for you or one of the children you take.

If you are interested in the battle of Pea Ridge, here is a link to information you are looking for.


Leeza said...

That's pretty cool. I never knew too much about American history. Mostly Chinese and Russian.

Nicki said...

A wealth of knowledge