Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Not About Me! (Actually This Time It Is!)

The next assignment for your new blog is to create an "About Me" post. Read this great About Me page done by Karl Fisch before you begin. Below is the information he is asking his students and I would like you to answer them to:

Please include information about:

  • you and your family (First names only please)
  • things you like to do (sports, hobbies, volunteer work, etc.)
  • things that are important to you
  • you as a student, and particularly as a math student
    • What are your strengths as a student?
    • What are some challenges for you at school?
    • What’s your experience in math class been like?
    • How can I help you be successful in my class?
  • anything else you’d like to share that doesn’t quite fit into the categories above, but that you think would help me get to know you.

*stolen by permission from Fisch Algebra 2010-11


John Hadley Strange said...

What a great list of prompts! I wish I had seen it before I wrote my assignment. If I had gotten back on Twitter after a 3 month absence I would have. Tomorrow is Twitter return day!


Anonymous said...

I think these ideas are very useful! It is a very good idea to be specific and interesting when describing yourself! Be creative and innovative! Good thoughts.

Katherine Kirby said...

I really agree with your list of prompts. All of them are very basic but can tell you a lot about a person at the same time. I was rather interested in your 'About Me' link. Your experience upon entering college is very much like mine, not in the complicated 'two undergraduate colleges' thing, but rather the new learning experience. In high school I could get by simply by regurgitating back onto a piece of paper what my teacher had previously told us. In college, I found that learning wasn't about this method of regurgitation, but rather about what you actually get out of the course, it was about what I learned. I applaud you on your excellent talent with words. They are all strung together rather well in my opinion.

Allie Anderson's EDM310 Blog said...

I believe that these ideas for an About Me assignment are great! They give a good background of the student and then add a little bit of specifics with the math question. In the future, I will refer to this blog when writing an about me paper. Thank you!