Tuesday, September 07, 2010

'Cause That's How I Roll (Like a Rock!)

This week we will be extending your learning about rocks and minerals from science. You are a mineral molecule (let's say silica) and you are about to take an incredible journey through the rock cycle! After doing your information gathering (research) you will write monologue (a dramatic speech!) If you don't know what that is, you are in luck! Here is a video that explains how to write a monologue!

Note, there is a transcript of this video at EHow.com. The transcript button is underneath and to the right of the video.

How to Write a Dramatic Monologue -- powered by eHow.com

Notice the important facts about monologues:
  • given by one person (that is you!)
  • make sure you know your character (a rock) well
  • you have to deliver it (that means you are going to present it in a dramatic form like a play!)

The Rock Cycle: Great static visual diagram of how rock changes
Interactives Rock Cycle: Another great static visual diagram, this time with added flames and water. Roll over the pictures to get more information, click on the rocks to find how they are made!

Interactive Rock Cycle Animation: Animation of the rock cycle in motion.

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