Monday, September 20, 2010

Comments4Kids: Tuesday is Workday!

Thanks to the new Comments4Kids site we have several new blogs to visit.

Savvy 7 is a class of Yr 5/6 ( 9,10,11 yr old) children in Wellington New Zealand. Mrs. C (not my wife ;) asks for ideas to use with the class blog. Give her a good one!

Baily Road Team 17 is a blog for Team 17, a Year 6 class at Bailey Road School in Mt Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand. This post is on a team winning a Netball championship. Congratulate the team but don't be afraid to ask how to play if you don't already know.

Learning Together is a prep blog (5-6 year olds) in Melbourne Australia. Watch the Smilebox presentation and read what the students decided they could do to help the environment. Leave them a positive comment.

The Clem Eighth grade Language Arts blog where they post stories and poems. Pick one and read it, then comment.

Rules for Comments4Kids
1) Relevant
2) Positive
3) Comment only when you have something to say.
4) Always use good conventions (capitalization, punctuation, etc.)

I would like to see you using to help you listen to the posts. Copy the words from the post by highlighting the words, then right click on the words and select copy. Paste the words onto the box on and then click the listen button.


Mr Wood said...

Thank you Mr. C's students for all your comments. Team 17 love getting your comments and think you are all amazing.

Learning Together said...

Wow! I couldn't believe how many comments we had on our blog today. Thank you for all your encouraging words! I know the Preps will be so excited when they come back after the holidays and read your comments.You are doing a great job modelling to them how to write a good comment. Thanks again

Unknown said...

Hi Mr C
Thank you for your comment on our blog. We have just discovered the comments4kids blog and think it is a great way to connect with other bloggers. Thanks for the vozme link, what a great resource!

Miss Lepou