Monday, November 28, 2011

Seperating Mixture Write-Ups: Mrs. Ripp's Students

Below are five different science procedures written to explain how to separate a mixture. Since you have performed this experiment before in 7th grade (and in 5th grade too) you should be able to give an expert opinion on which method written by the students would be easiest to follow.  Leave a comment on the best post and explain why you think his/her method is the best of the five.

Eric's Post

Nate's Post

Sophia's Post

Abby's Post

Kyra's Post


Karina said...

Hi Abby and I (Karina) worked together when we made that blog.
P.S Thanks for using it on your blog.

Abby said...

Hi! I'm Abby. Thank you for saying my blog is one of the top five! Thanks! I' from Middleton WI. My school is West Middleton Elm.