Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Story Postcards

My students have been doing some creative writing. I decided that they should share their stories with their parents and so I gave them this opportunity. The students drew a scene from their story using paint and then I printed the pictures out using card stock.

I then had the students write the first paragraph of their story on the back of the card along with their mailing address so they could be mailed home. When parents receive the card they will have the opportunity to ask the student what the paragraph is about and then the students can share their story.


Anonymous said...

Wow great idea! Students can show off their work!

Fatima said...

I think thats a great idea! Great way to give parents to talk to their kids about their creative writing!

Mrs Phillips said...

Hey Mr C and class,

Great idea! I might have to try this with my class!

Who doesn't love getting old fashioned mail!?

Thanks for adding to our Challenge map too - slowly ticking them off!

Best wishes,

Mrs Phillips

Kirsten Moss said...

Fabulous idea! I might be giving this a try with my class! So fun - thanks for sharing.