Sunday, February 24, 2013

Poems, Summaries, and Kid President

Finally back to school after our two day lay off. Don't you hate snow days when there is no snow? I think we all need a pep talk so I asked Kid President to make a video for you.

We are going to write our two poems today. The first is an acrostic. You will pick a partner and use their first name as the starting point for the word or phrase. Each line will be a compliment to the person whose name you are using. For example:

My favorite smile
You have a great personality!

The second poem is a concrete poem. I wonder what I will give you to use?

Social Studies
Your physical maps of Asia will be due Thursday. 
We will be reading lesson 1 on the geography of Asia. You will need to pay attention closely because:

Writing Workshop
You will be writing a summary of lesson 1. I think it will take around three paragraphs to do it justice so I hope you pay attention while we read it.

We will review surface area again, then do the Are You Ready to Go On?

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