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The Louisiana Purchase

Hoisting American Colors, Louisiana Cession
by Thure de Thulstrup, 1903

This video is a quick overview of the Louisiana Purchase.

This video is much more in depth on the purchase. 

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  3. Explain which video you found more valuable for your learning about the Louisiana Purchase. That means you need to tell me why one was better for you than the other. Do it well or do it over!
  4. Explain which website worked best for you. Why did you choose that site? Do it well or do it over!
  5. Do a Google search. Identify one site you would not recommend to be used by someone wanting to learn about the Louisiana Purchase. Explain why you would not recommend it. 

After posting your work in the comment section, check out this game: 



Parker Harris said...

In 1803 the United States of America purchased 828,000,000 square miles of land from France. Therefore, it was doubling the size of America. The Louisiana Territory went from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains from East to West. From the Golf of Mexico to the Canadian border South to North. Some people consider this the best achievement of Thomas Jefferson while being President.

Personally, I thought the Second video was more Valuable for my learning. Most people will be considering this being the boring one. I thought the first one was entertaining but, it gave few facts about the subject. I liked that the second stated a lot of facts and gave valuable information and It was very long.

Between the two sites I felt neutral. They both highlighted important words letting you read about them after you Click. The second one did have some pictures giving me a better visual of the Louisiana Purchase. Plus Wikipedia I feel like had alot of extra knowledge I didnt necessarily need to know. I have never really liked Wikipedia anyway.

https://www.ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=true&doc=18 This Site gives very little Information and Facts. The site only has half the Screen the rest is blank. There is also only about a Paragraph about the subject. I would not recommend this site at all.

- Parker Harris

Frankie said...

The Louisiana Purchase happened in 1803 by the United States. The whole land costed at 15,000,000 dollars with debt taken off and other. With only 4 cents for 828,000 square miles of land. Thomas jefferson was looking for land to expand and the Louisiana Territory doubled the size of the United States then,Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon negotiated. Though what Jefferson did was Unconstitutional it helped the United States big time.

The first video helped a lot but was confusing at first for a while. The second video wasn’t what i was expecting it was talking about the purchase then got off topic. I didn’t finish the video. The first video helped and gave a little more insight in the Louisiana Purchase.

The Britannica site helped a bit more helpful than the Wikipedia. It was more descriptive in negotiations and how it happened.

No website found

leo said...

Jefferson wanted the land as bad as Napoleon did but attentions were to send troops professional troops to take over New Orleans. United states wanted the land because it would double their land and world have more space tom plant crop to import and make money off from.Napoleon lost a lot of troops when he fought vs the hessian to take there land over.Then Napoleon was in desperate of money so he sold the Louisiana purchase to the united states.

The second video was better because it used more knowledge and it looked like it wasn't a joke to them.and it was more descriptive about how everything started and the other one just talked about one thing and jumped to another thing

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Purchase,because anyone can change the information on it .


Alyssa Sanchez^-^ said...

#1.In 1803 the U.S has purchased a land that was about one billion acres of land.The land had reached from the east side of the Mississippi River all the way to the west side of the Rocky mountains.The Louisiana Purchase was one the most important achievements in his years of presidency. #2.I will be okay with that. #3.I think the one with the most depth in his video informed me more about the Louisiana Purchase. #4.I chose to use the History.com website.The website had gave me quick information about the Louisiana Purchase. #5.I would recommend you not use https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Purchase as a website to use find information about the Louisiana Purchase.

Carol Ocampo said...

The Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase happened in 1803 when Thomas Jefferson wanted to expand the United States. So what he did was he got James Monroe and Robert R. Livingston to meet up with this lady named Sue Casa to pick out the perfect place. So while they were all trying to find the perfect place Sue Casa found a place that she thought they would like, New Orleans. The location costed 15 million dollars and that was out of their budget but when they found out how many acres it was they took it.

I found the first video more valuable than the second one because the first one explained it faster and easier unlike the other one which had a lot of information which made it a little more harder to understand.

The website that worked best for me was the first one because it gave a lot of information and it was easy for me to understand.

A site that I would not recommend would be https://www.ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=true&doc=18 because it does not explain how it all started it just mostly said how much it they paid.

Sue Ann said...

The Louisiana Purchase was being purchased in 1803. The United States paid 11,250,000.The territory land forms were Arkansas,Missouri,Iowa,Oklahoma,Kansas,and Nebraska.Minnesota west of the Mississippi River,a large part of North Dakota,a large part of South Dakota,the Northeastern of New Mexico,the northern part of Texas, and the area of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado east of the Continental Divide was all part of the Louisiana Purchase.
I think the first video was more valuable.This video was better than the other one because it didn’t take long but the first video was a brief video of which states were in the Louisiana Purchase.
Wikipedia was more helpful to me.I liked this website because it gave me the states that were being purchased.
I would not recommend you to use www.ushistory.org because it barely tells you about the Louisiana Purchase.It doesn't give you much information about what states were in the Louisiana Purchase and how mcuh it costed.

Jesus said...

#1 The Louisiana Purchase happened between 1803-1804. United states only wanted to purchase the port city of New Orleans for trading purposes. United States was offered Louisiana by Napoleon and, Thomas Jefferson accepted the offer. Then the Federalist Party started an argument about that it was unconstitutional to buy any territory. He didn’t have the power to do that but, he asserted that he had sufficient power to do so.

#3 I found the Louisiana Purchase: House Hunters Historical video more helpful. They didn’t talk as much as the other video. It acted out parts of what they did when they bought Louisiana. The video was only 4 mins long and funny I guess.

#4 The Wikipedia page for the Louisiana Purchase worked out for me a lot. It describes what happened at the time in great detail. It exactly says what they did when they were buying the land.

#5 I would not recommend The History of Louisiana Purchase-geography.about.com site because it is waaaay too much reading!!!

juliana said...

The louisiana purchase took place in 1803. France sold 828,000 miles for 15 million dollars. That’s at least three cents per acre. France gave louisiana to the spanish as a gift. It was easier to gave it away then keep it. The spanish gave it back under the conditions that the French doesn’t give it to any other country.

I like the first video better. It gives you the overall concept of the subject without the little stuff that doesn’t matter to the subject.
I think Britannica page better because it's more dependable than wikipedia. Wikipedia has it to where anyone can go in and change it.
http://socialstudieswithasmile.com/Louisianapurchase.html because there is very little imformation.

Stormi said...

Louisiana Purchase
The Louisiana Purchase was bought in 1803. This is just the United states buying 828 thousand miles from France to extend our land. The U.S. ended up paying 15 million dollars. This land we got, makes 6 states and helps make up 9 other states (also a small portion of a couple of Canada’s provinces). Napoleon had Louisiana Territory but lost it in the Treaty of San Ildefonso.

The video I found more helpful was The Louisiana Purchase (44:48) because it gave more information and helped me understand things a bit better.

The website I found better was the Britannica’s page because it explained more and gave me pictures and other things to use.

www.archives.gov is a website I wouldn’t use because it gave you a quick overview and it just wasn’t helpful.

Jessica said...

The Louisiana Purchase
By Jessica Moots

The Louisiana purchase happened in the early 1800’s when Thomas Jefferson wanted to expand the United States. The price for all this land was 15 million dollars. Louisiana first belonged to the French, but after the French and Indian war France gave it to Spain as thanks. The Spanish sold it to America.

The video I found more helpful was The Louisiana Purchase because it gave more information on the topic.

The website I found most helpful was http://www.history.com/topics/louisiana-purchase because it gave me all the right information.

The website that was least helpful was https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Purchase because anybody could of put the information and it could be wrong.

Victor Lopez said...

The Louisiana Purchase
The louisiana purchase was very important to Napoleon because it helped him realise that he should have bought ….. But then the black Napoleon rises and creates a very big rebellion. Napoleon Did not like this when he saw a painting of him dressed as governor general. In late 1801 Napoleon attacks with an army of almost 30 thousand people. General Shall Declare he is to crush “The Black Napoleon” And then head straight for louisiana.For napoleon it’s essential to own both lands and critical that his strategy is not to be known by the US until he can make sure that his troops are okay in Louisiana. But the newly elected president is getting many reports of a secret treaty between Spain and France. Jefferson thinks that he can negotiate a peaceful way to do this.

The site that I found was really crappy is called enchanted learning but the site blog is- http://www.enchantedlearning.com . I would not recommend it because it is for little kids and doesn't explain the Louisiana Purchase very well. The site that worked best for me was the wikipedia page on the Louisiana Purchase. The video that I liked the most was the second video because it isn’t stupid and explains a lot of details.

abauw said...

1.The Louisiana purchase was an acquisition of Louisiana territory by the U.S. from France in the 1800’s. During that time the United States had paid fifty million francs as well as an eighteen million franc debt cancellation which equaled a total of sixty eight million francs. The land that was in the Louisiana purchase was fifteen states in the U.S. and two provinces in Canada.

3. I found the longer video better for my education because the shorter video just seems to silly and that it just wants to make it a little less boring but it also gives out no information or help while the longer video thoroughly explains and proves points that the short video cant.

4. I feel like the wiki page helped me the most because it thoroughly explained what happened when it happened and who it happened between.

I feel that this site is the worst place to go for someone who wants to learn about the Louisiana purchase because it's a place to go eat at instead of learn about the Louisiana purchase.

karlo said...

The louisiana purchase was a deal between the united states and france in which the us aquired approximately 870,000 square miles of land west of the mississippi river for 15 million dollars the land was sold 4 cents per acre the us was doubling the land hold with over more than 800,000

The second video was better cause the explained who was in it and had happened and the first video was just like a play which was really weird

The louisiana purchase was a deal between the united states and france in which the us aquired approximately 870,000 square miles of land west of the mississippi river for 15 million dollars the land was sold 4 cents per acre the us was doubling the land hold with over more than 800,000

The second video was better cause the explained who was in it and had happened and the first video was just like a play which was really weird
The website i searched up was the louisiana purchase and it helped me because it told details that i did not know about like how much it was and how big it was

Westward expansion is a terrible website because it doesnt even bring up the louisiana purchase trip advisor to the banner elk
karlo 8b

Yocellin said...

1:Louisiana Purchase western half of Mississippi River based on 1803 from France by the U.S . Louisiana Purchase was a massive region in North America and it was a territory. The Louisiana Territory included land present U.S states .The territory contained lands that formed Arkansas,Missouri,Iowa,Oklahoma,Kansas and Nebraska.It even had slavery .

The first video was kind of confusing I didn't understand it, but the second video
gave more details and it was more interesting but it was long and had more knowledge.

I chose the Wikipedia page for the Louisiana Purchase because in that page it even talked about slavery and how Spanish ruled.

I recommend you to not use www.historynet.com/louisiana-purchase or www.ducksters.com › History › Westward Expansion because it's
a crappy website and especially for those people who are researching on Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase


caleb said...

In 1803 The United States purchased 828,000,000 square miles of land that went from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains East to West and from the golf of mexico and to the Canadian border South to North

I personally thought the second video was more valuable because it gave me better facts and better information then he first video did and it gave me a visual idea of what was gong on

Both the websites where very good i feel like the other website besides Wikipedia
was very good because gave me more info and Wikipedia gave me a lot of unneeded information

https://www.loc.gov/rr/program/bib/ourdocs/Louisiana.html I wouldn't recommend this website because it doesn't give much info about the subject and its only a page of facts


Pedro said...

1.The Louisiana Purchase was on April 30,1803.The Louisiana Purchase was roughly 828 thousand square miles.It became 6 states as well as portions of 9 more.The price was 15$ million dollars.The Louisiana Purchase was a tremendous accident.Louisiana is a swampy land filled with savages and some wells.

3.I found the short video more valuable because it was easier to understand for me.

4.I found the Britannica's page on the purchase better and it had charts and pictures so it's not to hard to understand.

5.I would not recommend Western Expansion:The Louisiana Purchase [ushistory.org] www.ushistory.org/us/20c.asp

Patrick Wayne Qualls said...

1. Half of the produce comes from farms.They moved the goods by boat on the Louisiana Purchase.People would threten the American union.The Americans broke off from the country and went to another.Thomas Jefferson was going to hand Louisiana over to the French.Jefferson tended to justify the French revalution.

3.I think the fourtyfour minute long Louisiana Purchase video is more valuable because it tells you a lot more about the Louisiana Purchase than the other video.

4.I looked up historic videos on the Louisiana Purchase and it broght up every thing on the Louisiana Purchase.

5.I think the worst website to look up when you want to learn about the Louisiana Purchase is HOW MUCH DID THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE ACTUALLY COST?-SLATE.

Deserae said...

The Louisiana Purchase happened in 1803. It was a land purchase/deal that was happening between the U.S. and France where the U.S. gained 828,000 square miles of land that is west of the Mississippi River and costed $15 million. The purchase doubled the size of the U.S. as well as strengthening it greatly. The purchase was made by Thomas Jefferson and the Napoleon was fine with selling it was because he thought it would hurt his enemy England.

I honestly think that the first video was a little better then the second because, even though the second had a lot more history in it, the first video was basically a "short, sweet, and to the point" type of video. It had the important info all held in a shorter time plus it was a lot more interesting than the 44 minute video.

the site that worked for me best was the Wikipedia. The site that I least recommend is http://www.ushistory.org/us/20c.asp because, honestly, the site is like a never-ending black hole when I read it and it didn't even have the info I was looking for.

Dan Hadley said...

Dan Hadley

On April 30th 1803 when America was suddenly transformed from 17 states and the western territories to a nation nearly double its size literally overnight. It became 6 states with little pieces of 9 more. The price was a lot, it cost 15 million dollars. The Louisiana was a tremendous accident.
To me I thought the really long video was valuable.
The website I chose was History.com because it gave a decent summary.
I wouldn’t recommend wikipedia because anyone can change and mess up the facts about the Louisiana Purchase

Gio Vazquez said...

The louisiana purchase occurred in 1803 the u.s wanted to purchase land from france that was 828,000 square miles of land that extended all the way to the mississippi river and to the rocky mountains and that costed 15 million.the reason thomas jefferson wanted to buy the louisiana purchase was because he wanted to expand the united states.

3 The second video was better because it had more information about the louisiana purchase

4 i think i liked the website www.history.com/topics/louisiana-purchase because i explained about what happened and it told me alot of informations.

5 i didn't like the website www.monticello.org because it didn't have a lot of information like the other one

Gabriel said...

1.Louisiana Summary

When Thomas Jefferson became president his top priority was buy new Orleans so he had to make a deal with current owner Broker, so his first offer was 2 million dollars was turned but when Jefferson offered 10 million the french accepted and they offered the rest of the Louisiana territory for 15 million it was 828 thousand square miles to the Mississippi river to the rocky mountains Thus concluding the Louisiana purchase

3.I found the longer and more in depth gives more information so i would recommend it
4.The Wikipedia page worked for me also the history page alsohttp://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/history/2017/03/how_much_did_the_louisiana_purchase_actually_cost.html worked for me
5.this site didnt really give alot of info do not recommend

kaidan said...

Kaidan campbell
April 30 1803, america gained land double its size overnight. Its was an accident to gain this land. France gave spain louisiana because it wasn't useful. The guy almost declined then he remembered he could use it for a gold mine. Across the atlantic another leader emerges, napoleon. He tried to take over the states america already owned. He destroyed a bunch of land. He was the hitler of 1803. Napoleon got louisiana back. carlos gets some other crap land his daughter will rule. When she got there she didn't really get to rule the land she has to eat somewhere else.

1.I found the second video more usefull. It had more facts than the first video. There was more info than the first video.

the Wikipedia page for the Louisiana Purchase.

3.nonuseful website

TRent said...

From my perspective what I think the Louisiana Purchase was about was trade and room to grow. Well the people in the western territory got their wish in 1803. It included 17 states. The Louisiana Purchase was with 6 states of a portion and of 9 more. It cost 15 million for each acre. The people didn’t know it was a tremendous accident. Louisiana was scattered scattered with native americans and french allies. In 1762 after the French and Indian war gratitude went to Spain from Louisiana

The second video was more valuable to me cause it gave me more factual inf

Damian said...

1. I learned that the French gave
Louisiana to Spain because it wasn’t worth anything it coasted more to take care of the land then to do anything really with.Spain was about to say no we don’t need it but then they thought it was a good thing to have because of the Mexican trading with Spain.

3. The video that i found the most valuable information was in the 2 video because it had more info on the Louisiana purchase the first one was just entertaining and it had few facts.

4. The website: Wikipedia because it gave me the states that were being purchased and it just gave so much information.

5. www.ushistory.org because it doesn’t give as much information.

Melisa Rubi said...

The Louisiana Purchase Was The Purchase of Louisiana Which was when the french sold over 827,00 square miles of land to the U.S for Only 15 million$ in 1803 which was how we got half of the united states the trade includes the following states Arkansas , Missouri ,Iowa, Oklahoma , Kansas , And Ect . As You can tell it was a Major Impact in what is now the united states

I found both videos very helpful but the one i payed more attention to was the first one , because it was interesting , Funny And Way Much More Easier to understand . But the second one has way more information over the topic . but overall i would go with the first one!

This site helped me on what im working on and it helped me because it informed me about how it happened and how much it was so it was a very useful resource for me thats why I chose it also because it was the first thing that popped up !(:

I would not recommend wikipedia Because yes it is useful in some ways but some of the things you find on there at times Aren’t really what happened since anybody can go in and put in opinions So it isn't a very trustful site at least for me

Melvin Ordonez said...

1.The louisiana was on april 30 ,1800 the louisiana purchase was roughly 828 thousand square miles.It became 6 states as well as portions of 9 more the price was 15$ million dollars and the land has some well and savages .

3.I think that the first video was better to understand
4. found the Britannica's page on the purchase is
better and it had pictures so it's not to hard to understand.

5.I would not recommend Western Expansion:The Louisiana Purchase [ushistory.org] www.ushistory.org/us/20c.asp

jaden hoy said...

The louisiana purchase procurement for the louisiana turf by the United States from France in 1803.The U.S. paid for the cancellation of debts in Francs. The territory was made up of 15 U.S. states and 2 canadian provinces. In the 1800 Napoleon hoped to restore the government in North America.

The video that helped me the most was helpful was, louisiana purchase:house hunters historical.I liked this one better is because i was kind of funny and it will help me remember and there was words at the bottom which also helps me remember.
The wikipedia louisiana website was more helpful because it had way more info than the other which only had a little bit of information.
The website i wouldn't recommend is http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/history/2017/03/how_much_did_the_louisiana_purchase_actually_cost.html i wouldn’t recommend this because it just tells you how much the louisina purchase actually cost, but in more depth.

~ Jaden hoy

Ana Gonzalez said...

50 word summary of the Louisiana Purchase
America was trying to get the Louisiana Territory. However, Spain was the owner of the territory. On 1801 Spain signed a secret treaty with France to give France the Louisiana Territory back. Then France sold the territory to the US 15 million dollars and that is how the territory came to be property of the US.

Video that was more valuable
Video I found more valuable was the second one, the one that went more in depth. I believe this video was more valuable because the video explained me everything and helped me understand the Louisiana Purchase better.

Website that worked for me
This website https://www.britannica.com/event/Louisiana-Purchase worked best for me because this site helped me understand the Louisana Purchase better then Wikipedia. It explained in a way I understood the Louisiana Purchase.

Not Recommended site
A site I wouldn’t recommend would be this one http://www.ducksters.com/history/westward_expansion/louisiana_purchase.php because it doesn’t expalin the Louisiana

-Ana Gonzalez

William Hawkins said...

The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of the Louisiana territory owned by France that almost doubled the size of the United States. Although the government didn't like the idea, they bought the territory from Napoleon. This gave enough land to form 6 states, including Missouri, and portions of 9 other states. This also gave control of the Mississippi River to the U.S., which is a very valuable river for trade.

The Documentary on the Louisiana Purchase was, to me, preferable since it gave a lot of interesting information with good music. The skit also gave some good information, but was very cringe worthy. Especially the call made to Jefferson, and the Real Estate agent in the video.

I preferred the Britannica's page because it gave interesting pictures with well summarized information. The Wikipedia page gives a lot more information, and gives interesting pictures as well. But with Wikipedia's reputation i personally try to avoid it.

http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/62754711 I do recommend you use this for learning about Lewis and Clark. This is Lewis and Clark recipes. Even these don't have much information.

jennifer said...

The Louisiana territory was first owned by France and they fought over the land with Britain. So, later after the French and Indian war France gave the Louisiana territory to Spain as a gift for helping them in the war. Spain did not own the territory for long because Napoleon came around in 1800 wanting to establish an empire. But when they failed the revolt in Saint-Domingue and Jefferson bluffed about siding with Britain, Napoleon sold the Louisiana territory to the United States for 15 million US dollars. That became known as the Louisiana Purchase.

I found the second video more valuable because it gave more information and details. The first video I didn't enjoy because it was a bit annoying and it didn't explain a whole lot. Maybe if it got more into detail it would have been better to use, but overall i liked the second video because of its information.
The same thing goes for the wikipedia page. I like that one better because it has more information. Also it shows you where you can find other related things about the topic.

I don’t think i would recommened this website http://routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/_author/criticalmoments-9780415814577/students.php
Because i feel like it lacks some information.
- jennifer estrada

Maria Rosales said...

1. The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of basically half of the united states, the french sold all these states to the u.s for only 15 million US dollars. It was about 827,000 acres of land, this happened in 1803 and Missouri, Arkansas and Iowa etc,was included in this purchase This was a very important part of the u.s history.
3. The video that i thought was more valuable was the second video because it gave me more accurate information. In the first video it was really hard to pay attention to what they were saying, i was only paying attention to the “girl”. So really the second video i actually payed attention to it.
4. The website that worked for me was Wikipedia because in the other one you can submit your own opinion. This website gives accurate information.
5. I would not recommend people to use Yahoo because people type their own opinions and they might be wrong.

christian said...

I learned that when the Spanish lost ownership of the Louisiana during the third treaty of San Ildefonso and now the french owned it.There was a point that the Napoleons wanted to use it as a launching point to take over our country but luckily they abandon that plan to sell it for a tidy profit.They sold it 15 million dollars.They place was 530,000,000 acres.So we purchased it.Christian.M

I got this information from a youtuber named Mr.brett class
The other places to get information was boring and dull.
Especially the 44 min video.