Thursday, October 10, 2019

Note Taking, Economics and the Bill of Rights

Today we are going to look at note taking as a learning strategy and then apply it to economics and the Bill of Rights. But first lets watch this video on taking notes. Which note taking strategy will you choose to use?

As we watch this video, think about how economics is more than just money. As a student the economy of your time and your attention are much more important. How can you use this to be better able to manage your time and attention better? Maybe a good note taking strategy could help!

Finally, let's look at the First Amendment to the US Constitution. What rights does it guarantee that the federal government, and the states as well, cannot take away from us? How secure do you think these rights are today?

  • What are some good note taking strategies?
  • How do economics affect individual choice?
  • What are the Bill of Rights?

  • How are you going to take notes?
  • How are choices limited in an economic system?
  • What freedoms are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?
  •  Write notes over the videos

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