Thursday, November 14, 2019

Jefferson City 8th Grade Trip

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Jefferson City to visit the state capitol and the now closed state penitentiary.

Let's first watch this video on the history of the building. If you pay attention you may be able to answer some of the tour guide's questions and look really smart!

Next is a video on the symbolic meanings of the Missouri state flag and the Missouri seal. In it you will learn about the colors of the flag and the reason we have grizzly bears all over the seal.

One of the most interesting parts of the capitol is the artwork that you find inside. We have two videos that talk about the artwork. While you are there you will tour the artwork with the guide and these videos will give you some insight into them.

Below is a photo of the Missouri State Penitentiary which is now closed. Listen carefully to the tour guides to learn the history of the site.

EQ: Why should we take a field trip to Jefferson City?

  •  Tomorrow is the field trip.
  • What is the purpose of the state capitol?
  • What are some interesting facts about the capitol?
  • What should we learn about the penitentiary?


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Unknown said...

In "Being George" why do you think portraying George Washington is so important to the contestants?
because they love history and they always wanted to be George Washington and more
Why did Leutze paint "Washington Crossing the Delaware"?
he wanted to glorify Washington and a col-anal American cause to cor lament a military action of penitents
Identify three historical inaccuracies in the painting.
there was a lady in the boat,and George Washington had his foot up and the boat would fall
Should art be historically accurate? Explain why or why not.
i think art should not be historical accurate because they kinda exaggerate with them and it doesn't match what happened in real life.