Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogging Tiger Award for Writing:The House on Maple Street

Congratulations Emily on winning the Blogging Tiger Award for Writing! Here is the story Emily wrote. You can also find it on the Creative Writing Blog.
The House on Maple Street

"Oh no!" Bell says, "Stay away!" she was very scared as a robber is in Bell's house. The robber grabbed Bell and ran to the creepiest house on Maple Street.

"Ms. Bell? Ms. Bell?"

"Huh?" Bell says yawning, waking up in math class.

"What does h equal in 4 times h equals 16?" she looked at Bell doubtfully

"4 times h equals 16 oh, um h equals 3?" she said trying to remember. She heard giggling from the class mates behind her.

"Incorrect. To be correct h=4. Were you sleeping again? If you weren't you would know that I just told you what h equals." Mrs. Patron asked already knowing the answer. Bell heard some whispers across the room. Great Isabella she thought

"Yes, Mrs. Patron…….."

They heard the bell ring that cut off Bell.

She walked down the hallway; Bell heard some snoring, then giggling. She felt miserable. She got out the door realizing there was some snow on the ground. She passed the house she was dreaming about, which were 2 houses away from hers. When she got home she heard some screaming upstairs. She threw my bag on the couch and ran upstairs to find her little brother Simon's hand stuck in a mouse trap.

"What are you doing?" Bell said yelling. Simon's face was wet from tears. He was still whimpering. She carefully took the mouse trap, untangling his fingers.

"Don't ever touch this again ok? I thought you broke a leg or something!" she exclaimed.

6 hours later it was time to go to bed. she have to share a bunk bed with Simon. Luckily she gets top bunk.

"No put me down!" she screamed the bandit got to the house and the house shot from the ground like a rocket ship. It was a perfect lift-off. "I'm in space oh, no." The robber put some rope around her face so she could not talk. She hummed something trying to get something out. He just pulled more tightly. A tear fell from my eye. I cannot believe I am crying. She thought to herself. I need to get home before mom thinks I'm off wondering somewhere.

She saw all the planets. But she did not even try to look at the sun, although it might hurt her eyes anyway. How am I breathing? She thought again.

"Just another dream phew." She said under her breath.

In the morning she woke up and ran downstairs. She turned on the TV, It said there was no school due to snow.

"Yes!" I yelled so loudly that I woke up my brother and he came downstairs. He went over to the window, looked out and gave me a smile.

"Sissy, can we go play in the snow?" Simon asked

"Sure go get your winter clothes on and I will too." As soon as they got downstairs they went outside and had lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. C

I just wanted to send a big thank you to your class for their continued support of our blogging efforts!

Mr. Howitt

Anonymous said...

Congragulations Emily! :) Does your school have a different Blogging Tiger Award every week or something? Or is it just when someone write really well?

Tamaki College said...

Thanks for that Emily. I has to laugh when i read about your character falling asleep in school. It reminded me of when i fell asleep in my History class when I was at school. lol. :)
Miss Ferguson
Tamaki College - Auckland - New Zealand

♥Emily♥ said...

Thank you Tiffany and Miss Ferguson for your comments. @ Tiffany X. Mr.c will assign something and which ever one he likes the best he will give that person a tiger award. Every now and then he will assign something.

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