Friday, October 31, 2008

This is Why Halloween is so Scary!

These are the students that dressed for Halloween in my class. As you can see, there is some improvement in looks. Too bad we don't have them do this more often!


vincent said...

I dont know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr C
I really like your classes Haloween Costumes and I wish I could be there too!The costumes look too scary for me that I would scream!
From Bridget 4/5J Brisbane, Australia

pesroom10 said...

They definitely look scary!! Great costumes. We are a Y3 class from Pt England School in NZ. We will drop in more to check out the great work you guys get up to. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.C

Your class looks very scary. I like the widgets on your blog.can you leave a comment on my blog

By Alanah

cookie said...

It is me again, cookie. I really thanking you for commenting on my blog. What is your favorite food? The costumes definetly looked great! Our school had a halloween celebration too!

michael said...

I was Indian Jones!!!

Cruz said...

The Halloween costumes are cool

June Shin said...

My name is June and your class does look scary!!! Our class was really scary too!! One was bloody and had weird make ups.... I wish your class had a great Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr C,
I really like your post on Haloween. I really like the costumes that the class were wearing.Please leave a comment and vist my blog
From Miyoko 45r Australia