Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Art of Holes: Creating Sculptures Based on the Novel by Louis Sachar

Here are sculptures my students made as an assessment in Art class. We were in the process of recording the stories they had written about the first Stanley Yelnat's encounter with Kissin' Kate Barlow. When we went into the art room the art teacher informed the class they would be assessed on a sculpture they were to create. I suggested they use something from the story Holes. Here is what they came up with.


Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Those were great sculptures!! Is this the same movies holes that had Shia LaBeouf star in?

Wm Chamberlain said...

Yes, it is actually one of the few movies that follow very closely with the book. I think it is because Sachar wrote the screenplay and was on-site most of the filming.
Mr. C

jade(mis rm10) said...

I like the art. I the screen how it moves around and around. The sculptures are awesome.

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Live and Learn said...

Wow! This is cool! You guys must be proud of these sculptures...I love the presentation "Slide", too!