Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reenactors Come a Viking!

Our school had a fantastic assembly Thursday! We had three reenactors, Ted and Sandy Spring and Rusty Hicks, come to do a giant Viking show-and-tell. They brought an immense number of artifacts as well as an incredible amount of knowledge of their subject. Here are some pictures we took and a video of the presentation.

I asked for a list of different presentations they do in schools.Here is what Ted sent me.

Rusty does an escaped Scots White settler of 1759 on NY frontier during the French and Indian War era and a Highlander during the Scots war of 1740's.He also does a white born-NE woodland raised native American of 1743.

Together we do two men in ROGERS RANGERS in NY in Nov.of 1759 after the St.Francis raid.

I do a German soldier and paratroop jumper of 1944 France and an SS sniper 1945 Berlin defence Volks Heer. I do a 101st Airborne Sgt. in France during the Hedge Row fighting in early summer of 1944 just after the Normandy jump.

All these stints, so to say, have many proper historical props involved and on display. The cost of the presentations depends on the distance traveled and and number of presentations they do.

If you would like to contact the reenactors you can email Ted Spring at


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Wow ! What an awesome experience!
I watched the video and really enjoyed what I saw. Now I know what is like to have the " real Vikings " in your school.
Thank you for sharing with us,

Mrs She Pt England School Auckland NEw Zealand

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a real Viking. They seem very interesting. You are very fortunate to have them visit you.