Thursday, April 16, 2009

Compare and Contrast the Scientific Methods

For this assignment I want you to compare and contrast the six step scientific method we have used all year with the steps on the Scientific Method Web Page created by Dan Tripp.

Identify how the two methods are alike and also identify any differences you see.



On the scientific method it is different from the scientific web page because the scientific method only have 6 steps like problem, prior/background knowledge, hypothesis, research, experiment, conclusion while the scientific method web page has observations, scientific question, variables, hypothesis, procedures, results, and conclusion.
There is a lot of comparisons to the scientific method like hypothesis, procedures, and conclusion are alike. On both of them the procedures you have to right the order for the project. On both of them on the hypothesis you have to make a scientific guess on what is going to happen. Both of them on the conclusion you have to state what really happened.


On the scientific method web page you have to observe sight, smell, hear, feel, and taste.

Mark and Abby said...

On the scientific page you observe

Cole Angel said...

Quantitative Observations are observations that are made using numbers, amounts, or measurements. For example; the ball weighs 50 grams, the magnet picked up 12 paper clips.The scientific method is really useful for some experiments.

Emalyn and Karla said...

The scientific method is different from the science web page because the scientific method only has 6 steps and they are the problem,prior/background,knowledge,
hypothesis,research,experiment,and the conclusion. And also the web page only has 6 senses and they are the 1.sight 2.sound 3.taste 4.smell 5.touch and the 6 steps are observations ,scientific question,variables,hypothesis,
procedures,results,and it also has the conclusion.All of t.hem are almost kind of the same.

Audy and Suzanne said...

The difference is our scientific method is problem,background knowledge,hypothesis research ,experiment , conclusion .Dan Tripps scientific method is observation , variables ,hypothesis , procedures , results,conclusion .They are different because his hypothesis is after variables. ours is before research . Another thing different is that his scientific question is second and ours is first. what we have the same is. We both record our information . Another thing is the same we both have pretty much the same things but in different order.

Mark and Abby said...

You are organized on both of the
methods and they are different
because you have 6 steps on one
of the method which are your problem, prior knowledge, hypothesis, research,experiment, and conclusion.

jose&cruz said...

I think there is differences between the two scientific methods.