Friday, April 24, 2009

Ghost Towns Reading Unit

After last years great Ghost Town moments, see post 1 and post 2, we have a high standard to meet. Since the skill this week is graphic sources you will have the opportunity to create your own. You will also look at Flickr pictures of real ghost towns to get and idea what they really look like. Then you are going to use Kerpoof to create your very own ghost town.

Here is the link to the checklist for you to use.


Anonymous said...

I was looking on the checklist and the citys of Simco, Jacket, Simsberry, and McNatt, are also ghost towns here in Macdonald County.

PS i love watching your students on the webcam i am home schooled so get to watch often. I will be watching agian on Tuesday. (4-25-09)

Zac said...

@Anonymous, My Dad works for Freeman Ambulance Service and that he has calls in those cites all the time they are not ghost towns.

Anonymous said...

My dad lives there and dont call me a liar Zak

Wm Chamberlain said...

@Anonymous Actually, Zac didn't all you a liar, just said those places still exist. The fact your dad lives there is proof. They may no longer be considered a town, but they are reasonably well known places unlike the four I listed.

Mark said...

Is that where ghost are every
time and has anybody died from a ghost.And i want to known if you
touch a ghost. If you have can
you blag back please thanks.

marisa said...

We are now doing the unit on gost towns in Mrs.Andersons class room.there are some gohst towns in Montana.