Thursday, April 30, 2009

Learning from Mrs.She and Little Voices, Little Scholars

Here is Devon writing a story for me. I showed him the excellent stories Mrs. She's students are posting on her blog as inspiration. Devon wrote and recorded this story in less than an hour. Special thanks to Cole who listened to Devon practice.


Nicki said...

Good job Devon, keep working hard!
Nicki & Brandi

John Strange said...

The audio did not work on my Mac. But I am glad to see that you are broadcasting your story, Devon.If Mr. C will send me the audio I will post it on my Mac account and we can put it in your blog as a link and it will work on all computers!

Keep up your good work!

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Well done! Devon,
I really like the way how you spoke clearly and loudly when you podcast. We are glad that you like what we are doing. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs She and Room 5 @ Pt England School.Auckland New Zealand.

Mr Webb said...

I want to acknowlege again the interactive aspect of this lesson.l The fact that the inspiration from this story has come from New Zealand (from a student) and then has been the inspiration for a student in the United States to do their work is an incredibly powerful teaching moment. Its wonderful to see such world wide connections.

Polzer said...

Good job, buddy. Way to go.

Justine said...

Well done Devon, I like how you read your story at a good speed and clearly. I wonder what you might get next Christmas?
from Mrs Driver
@Pakuranga Heights School
New Zealand

Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

Nice work Devon. I need to get my students recording their stories.

Mrs. Heaton
Beaufort, SC

Duncan said...

well done devon it is hard to write a story i have tried it. I could never write a story for an hour. Did you like writing it? Duncan Morrinsville Intermediate New Zealand

kane and harry said...

I hope the story was good