Thursday, August 27, 2009

Robert Talks About Comments4Kids

Here is Robert talking about Wednesday's Comments4Kids assignment. I think this sums up why I think commenting is so important.


louisa guest said...

Robert, what great comments. I noticed that you said getting feedback from other kids can help you to make your work better - that's so true! My students love it when other kids comment on their stories and blog posts. Keep up the great work everyone

Sue said...

Hi Robert,
I thought it was awesome that you were so interested in what the other classes were doing especially the Kinder kids. A lot of kids your age would think that the Kinder kids would have nothing to offer them. I am really impressed by your ability to reflect on both your own learning and the impact of your contribution on others . Well done :)

Wm Chamberlain said...

@louisa and @Sue Robert is truly a jewel in my class crown. I have been increasingly impressed by not only his intelligence, but his ability to be empathetic. I will be sure to show him your comments.
Mr. C

ryan said...

wow you must know alot on comenting

from ryan 45r

LaChandra Lett said...

Hi Robert,
It's great that you are interested in other kids comments. I think sharing your comments about other kids stories are educational and fun. Great Job Robert!!!

LaChandra Lett
University of South Alabama
Dr. Stranges' Class TT4

Unknown said...

Hi Robert,

I'm glad that you think that comment 4 kids is good for you and that other peoples comments helps you on your work get better.

Kriston Killingsworth
edm310 university of south alabama/ Dr. Stranges class