Friday, August 14, 2009

Typing Pal Online

This year we are moving to keyboarding using Typing Pal Online. I have set my students' goal at 45 words per minute with a 95% accuracy. When they accomplish this goal, they will be using the rest of their semester creating content using tech and web tools.

I am looking forward to the enthusiasm that my students will bring to class when they realize that keyboarding class isn't a semester long sentence with no chance for parole!


Running 365 said...

I have several questions because I want to do something similar with my fourth graders.

Is completing this typing course a pre-requisite in your classroom before all other blogging/web activities?

Do you recommend any other (free) typing courses? I have found but there is not a way for me to track student progress built into the program.

How long does it usually take your students to meet that goal?

Wm Chamberlain said...

@Running 365 is another free site, but I haven't used it in five years.

I have changed assignments this year and am teaching a keyboarding class for jr. high. As soon as they reach the goal they will be able to move on to other activities. In the past it was a year long typing class.

I am hoping most will meet the goal in 8 weeks, but it will depend on the students motivation and what they retained from last year. I will be sure to make updates on the blog as we progress.

Sue said...

Hi Mr C,
Watched the video. Looks like a very flash program.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr C

My name is Katie and I am from Brisbane Australia. I think that typing pal online will be a fun and exciting web 2 tool. In class we have been doing all different types of web 2 tools my favourite is glogster. (

From Katie

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. C's blog
That sounds really cool.What a great idea.
Sophie 4/5r workingstars