Monday, January 25, 2010

#Comments4Kids: January 25-29

Here are this weeks sites for you to visit and leave a comment on. Now that internet access has been fixed we will be able to create our own blog posts on Friday at our Ning. Tuesday we will set aside some time for getting gmail addresses. Wednesday we will get you added to the ning. Friday you will write a post on your experiences with #comments4kids. This means you must comment on each of these posts!

Post #1:
Residential Watercolor at 3W
Pick your favorite water color and leave the artist a positive comment. Tell him or her why it is your favorite.

Post #2:
Japati Likes Samoan Food at Little Voices, Little Scholars
Japati is in a class that is similar to our kindergarten. He is reading a story he wrote himself. Notice the confidence in his reading and his clear speaking voice. Leave a comment congratulating him on being a confident reader.

Post #3
Sand Not Pebbles at Rachel's World of Awesomeness
Rachel is one of my friends from China. She has been blogging for a couple years now. I chose this post because she had to explain how she created the artwork. Leave her a positive comment.

Post #4
I Love This Video at Tiffany
Tiffany is another friend from China. She found this video on her school portal. Does the video have a message? Leave a comment about the video.

Post #5
Podcast Episode 6-Math
at Ms. Deyenberg's Class Blog
This class creates podcasts. Listen to this one (you will need headphones) and leave a comment. Is this an effective way to show how to do math? Who would learn the math better, the students that created the podcast or the students that listen to it?


mkemler said...

Mr. C, I am a new blogging teacher in NYC. Any ideas that might help me. I teach 4th grade.

Winter said...

Thanks Mr C and all of your commenting students. We really liked having your comments about our paintings. Melyssa's was a big favourite.