Monday, January 18, 2010

Comments 4 Kids January 18-22

Students, welcome to the activity I call Comments4Kids. Here is a link to the post that started the activity. Here is a link to Robert explaining why commenting is important for both the student that wrote the post as well as you, the commenter.

You will be expected to leave comments

Here are the rules for commenting on others blogs:

1. Keep the commenting positive.
2. Keep the comments relevant to the post.
3. Link back to the class blog.

Here are the posts you will be commenting on this week:

Mrs. Goerned teaches 6th grade students in Iowa. Her students have written poetry and would like some comments. Remember, poetry is very personal so be careful with your comments. Pick one (or more) post on each page to leave a comment.
Link 1 Mrs. Goerend's Students Page 1
Link 2 Mrs. Goerend's Students Page 2

Ms. Pohanka is teaching 6th grade geometry to students in Virginia. Note her class blog looks much different from Mrs. Goerend's blog (or our blog for that matter!) You may want to spend some time looking around the blog and see how it is different. Choose two (or more) posts to leave a comment on. (You can find more posts by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom.)

Link 3 Flattening the World

Since you have expressed how much you have missed Mr. McClung (I can't imagine why ;), I have included his class blog this week. This time your comment does not have to be relevant to the post.

Mr. McClung's World: Lessons Learned

On Friday you will be writing about your experience commenting on blog posts this week. I may even have a few of you record your experiences to post on the class blog. Make sure you can explain what you commented on and how the experience has changed you as a writer!


M Webb said...

Great to see that this is going to be ongoing! There will be a few teachers from New Zealand and Australia out and about but we are currently on our Summer Holidays and as a result the students themselves wont be back and commenting until the first week in February.

jkmcclung said...

It was great to hear from some old friends....really appreciate all the comments from everyone!