Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another Education MMORPG: Secret Builders

I know most of you really, really despised Poptropica (right Katy and Shelby?) so now I am going to try for a little redemption. Check out Secret Builders to see if it lives up to your expectations. I want you to spend some time on the site and evaluate it as the educational site it claims to be. Is it really educational or is it just pretending?

This site brings something new, the opportunity to converse with other people outside of the classroom. Use common sense and the online safety practices we have talked about in class. I am no saying you cannot have a conversation, just remember that you are looking at an avatar and not the person. You really don't know anything about them, so don't let them know anything about you!

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Ali Khan said...

Thank you for having your students review SecretBuilders. We really enjoyed reading their reviews. In appreciation, we would love to have you sign up for the SecretBuilders Teacher' Cosnole ( We will add additional SuperShills to your account, which you can give out to your students as rewards based on their performance.