Thursday, February 18, 2010

Live Stream of Noel Jr. High's Science Fair

The audio did not work because of technical problems. (That means I couldn't figure out how to make it work after it quit!)


Jahnard, Melville Intermediate said...

melville intermediate
New Zealand Hamilton

thanks for the comment our school to answers Minden questions is 60 years old we have to replace it with alumium we are might be interviwing the campus plice.

shania,melville intermediate said...

Melville Intermediate
New Zealand,Hamilton

Thanks for the comment about the stolen gutter.when we get new one we're replacing the Copper with Alliminuim.

Kelly said...

Hi, my name is Kelly. Thanks for commenting on our video. Yes it is sad that our gutters got stolen. Our school is about 60 years old. They are going to replace the gutters with aluminium. We might interview the campus police, so stay tuned.

Melville Intermediate, New Zealand