Friday, April 23, 2010

Comments4Kids Friday: Because Any Day is a Good Day to Comment!

#Comments4Kids is a marathon, not a sprint!
First we will stop at Mr. Wood's class blog. Mr. Wood teaches in Auckland, New Zealand. His students wrote about their holiday (vacation). Pick two posts to comment on.
BRS Room 17

Next we will go to Miss Dunsiger's class blog. Miss Dunsiger teaches first grade students. They have some posts about Earth Day, Flat Stanley, and a party. Leave them two good comments too.
Miss Dunsiger's Class Blog

I now have a special treat for you. A former teacher of yours has fulfilled a commitment to this years class. I don't think you need any guidance for this comment.
Mr. McClung's World


Nick said...

Hi I'm Nick one of the scoopers and sorry we forgot about "Comments4Kids Friday: Because Any Day is a Good Day to Comment!"

So this is my comment on thursday!!!
Please come and have a look at our blog.

Nick the scooper

Pam Thompson said...

I love the idea that it's a marathon, not a sprint! You've picked some great blogs to visit and comment on. They were new to me so thanks for sharing them.