Thursday, April 15, 2010

Comments4Kids Thursday: We Are Back!

Rules for Comments4kids
1) Be positive
2) Be relevant
3) Don't comment if you don't have anything to say.

3rd and 4th Hours

These are students from a 5th/6th grade class in Dundas Ontario, Canada. Pick a post they have written and leave a comment on it.
Liki's Awesome Blog
Cara's Blog
The Blog of Awesomeness
Myang's Blog
Awesomista Stuff
My Blog
Stuff and Stuff

5th and 6th Hours

This post is from the Room 3 in NZ blog we have on our blog roll. Read Brian's story and leave a comment.
The Worst Storm Ever

This blog is actually from a town close to here, Sparta Missouri. Mr. Bennett just started a class blog for his students. Leave them some nice comments.
Mr. Bennett's Beach Brains

Justin wrote a blog post on coin collecting at the Elementary Learning Blog
Coin Collecting

Julia in Mrs. Kolbert's class wants to know "what you think is the most important place for humans to change our actions in simple ways". She wants two or three sentences.
A Cool Competition

Zoey has written several interesting posts. Pick one to leave a comment on.
Zoeyc1's blog

Veronica has a couple interesting posts about making her own dress. If you are interested leave a comment.
Veronica's Blog

Liam has written an interesting post on human rights titled "Rights are Given, Not Inherited". Since you have studied government this year, read the post and leave an insightful comment.
Liam's Place Blog


MsBee and Room 7, NZ said...

Hi there from Dunedin, NZ! I work with a group of Year 5/6 children who are coming back from a 2 week holiday after only 8 weeks of the the new school year. Blogging is very new to them....

I am adding your blog to our blog roll and sharing with them your guidelines. These are great. Over the next few weeks the Scoopers will be adding comments - please encourage them but also ask them for more detail if it is needed. In other words, are you guys up to give feedback on our feedback???

We would love to see you visit our blog if you get time!
Ms Bee

teammr3 said...

Hi from Taupo NZ! Room 3 wanted to say thank you for commenting on our blog. We have posted an explanation of Hangi on our Room 3 blog if you want to read it. There is also a link to an interactive activity for Hangi.