Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I have posted over 500 times on this class blog and have had over 100,000 visitors. In a few weeks the blog will turn four. This blog has led me and my students to so many wonderful learning experiences. I am very grateful to my students for encouraging me to continue to use the blog when it first started and to all the visitors that have come through over the last (almost) four years.

I realize that a little reflection about the blog is in order, but I have already written reflections over it before (you can dig them out if you want to). What I would like to write about is the future of the blog, basically look at where it is headed.

The most important thing I have done is been willing to change the focus of the blog over the years. It has served in a lot of different capacities up to now where I use it mostly to disseminate information for my students to use. I really don't see that changing much any time soon (although with next semesters return to keyboarding classes there may be a bigger emphasis on reporting of school happenings.) 

I really hope that this blog will wear out its usefulness before too long. It seems like there should be a new tool in development that will have a more robust experience for myself and my students. I would really love to create a space like this where my students have the ability to write in a way that makes sense. With posts being buried, it just doesn't work well now. 

Another thing I would like to see happen is to create a more "communal" (yes that is my new favorite word) space where others can gather to share and have conversations. Yes there are CMS's like Ning that can do that, but they are still very impersonal. I may be reaching for something more than technology can provide though :( 


Celia said...

Great Milestone and interesting thoughts. I watched Shelly Terrells Elluminate session today where she talked about Global projects and she says that she uses Wikis in preference to blogs as they are not chronologically ordered. Interesting to hear your thoughts about how blogging will evolve into something else - I like that! I am still new to blogging but can see it can have it's limitations and other tools will complement them well.

Melville Intermediate School , New Zealand said...

Wonderful. Also I wanted congratulate you on your nomination for the Best Class Blog for the 2010 Edublogs Awards, a mighty and well deserved honour.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato,
New Zealand.