Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Once Upon a School

Once Upon a School is a Ted Talk done by Dave Eggers. In this video Mr. Eggers talks about a project he started that has flourished. After watching the video answer the questions below in a comment to this post.

1) What is the project Mr. Eggers started?
2) Why in your opinion is this project successful?
3) Would doing this in our community work? Why or why not?

Make sure you answer these questions completely. I want your best work.

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Ana said...

Mr. Eggers started doing a one on one tutoring with a student and a teacher or a volunteer.I think it is successful because people started coming.If we started this it might be successful because some people like me don't have transportation.It depends on the people if they have desire to come.

shayla said...

Mr.Eggers created a one on one tutoring with a student and helps them if they have any promblems with school work.And so they wouldn't get distracted. In my opinion his work out because the kids wanted to be helped and they enjoyed doing their homework.I don't think it would work out in our communtiy because there is not enough students that want to put an effort out there to do their homwwork. But the students that do give an effort and do their homework I think it would work for them.

Cesar said...

The progect Mr.Eggers started was to help the students that are not doing good in school or they don't understand.I think the project is succesfull because many kids are coming and there are many tutors so they can help all the students.I don't think it would work in our community because many kids don't like school and they always want to talk or do something else not just sit there.

Nathan said...

Mr. Eggers has created a company that helps kids on their homework that are easily distracted or they just want help. The reason that I think that the project was successful is because they are in an urban area which makes it easier for them to get there and also they got the word out across town.

Wm Chamberlain said...

I am getting the comments, I messed up and signed out of the new commenting system so I am getting them the old way and the new way. The new way isn't posting, but I am reading them.