Thursday, November 13, 2008

International Sasa

Here is TamakiToday's video "International Sasa". Do you recognize anyone in this video?

Mr. Webb. thank you for sharing this video with us!


tamakitoday said...

Mr C, thanks so much for your support with this. On Thursday we did six different sessions with anywhere up to 600 people. The students who watched really loved your contribution! Thanks so much once again for the collaboration. It was an awesome experience.

pesteam2 said...

Lots of children and adults that watched the movie loved it and thought it was great to see children from another country giving the sasa a go!!

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Mr. C

You guys were just great doing the sasa. My class and I were there to watch the show. We like the fact that you are from another country !

Mrs She and Room 5 Pt England School.NEW Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tamaki! Thank you for your wonderful Sasa lessons. We are learning the Sasa thanks to you, and will present it at our annual folk dancing festival at Ambrit Rome International School, Rome, Italy. You are great teachers! Paige Short, Director of Music