Monday, November 17, 2008

Evaporation in the Water Cycle

In class we had a demonstration of evaporation. The problem was to determine what happens to something that is mixed with water when the water evaporates. Does the stuff mixed in the water evaporate too?

I took water and added food coloring in one container and salt in the other. I heated the water and evaporated it out of the container. The students looked at the containers and noticed something was left behind. What does this mean? What was left behind?


wendy said...

I love you wen you can gain a blog to the family

June said...

Hi!! My name is June.. While you were chating with Elizabeth and Rachel, I wrote some notes to you too... Anyway the thing that is left id probably the salt.. I did this experience with Mr. Howitt and the only thing left in the bowl was only the salt...

The Lipsky Team said...

Dear Mr.C's class,

We are also lerning about the water cycle. Evaporation is Kaylie's favorite while precipitation is Kasi favorite. Maybe sometime you can visit our class blog at

Kaylie and Kasi