Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Letters to Santa

My students have written the traditional "Letters to Santa". Read the comments to see what they would like for Christmas, then leave your own letter.


seth said...

829 Fluffy Rd.
Noel, MO
Dear Santa,
Thank you for last year's presents. I really enjoyed the video games. I have done good things like help my brother during the end of the year when he was sick. I also have not teased or made fun of anyone. For Christmas, I would like to go back last Tuesday so I can pay the phone bill.

kayla said...

P.o Box 579
Joplin , Mo

Dear Santa,
Hi! My name is Kayla I am in the 5th grade .I Think I've been preety good this year but I've had a couple of Incidents . 1 or 2 examples of how I've been good is I've helped my mom wash dishes and landuary .And what I would want for christmas woulld be a celphone ,Ipod .Thank you for the presents you give us every year.


Slendy said...

33 Carmel Apple St.
Turkey Leg,Ohio 64991
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the guitar last year.I learned to play 8 songs.This year I would like A laptop,and a new game for my Nintendo the game is called Imagen fashion designer.I also want an I phone because it's like having a laptop build in with a phone.I've tried to be good this year.I've gotten A's and B's.I also made the basketball team.We have played 6 games.We have won 4 games and have only lost 2 games.I hope your doing ok.


Nathan said...

South St.
64854 Noel Mo.

Dear Santa

I liked the gifts that you gave me last year.I`ve been good and here`s two examples , I cleaned my room when my mom told me to and I helped someone up when they fell at recess. I would like a playstation 3 , laptop ,good airsoft rifle, and maybe some clothes.


Saul said...

1336 Pickle Rod
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the Mp3 player last year.I've helped my parents around
the house.I took care of my brother.I hoop you bring my some mechanical pencil.

amanda said...

746 huckleberry lane
Noel, Missouri 67490

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all of the Christmas presents I got last year. I've been really good this year. Here is a couple of examples to prove I've been good:I help my mom when my cousins come to stay at our house. I also help her put up the food when she gets home from the store.
For Christmas this year I would like a laptop and a guitar.
Sincerely, Amanda
P.S. I will leave extra cookies and milk this year!

Rubecca said...

308 Apple st. Noel, Mo.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the spy kit you got me last year.I can spy on my brothers.Ive been really good this year.Like I gave my mom twenty dollars to put gas in the truck.And I helped my friend find her dog.This year I would like a CD player ,a mp3 player,and a I pod.Please write back.Merry Christmas.


michael said...

P.O.Box6485 Lava ahead!!!!
Java,Monkey Face '8'7'9'10

Dear Santa, Thank you Santa for my Stereo,Playstation 2~3 And more!I've
been a little bit good.I get the mail every day%help my neighbor out.I "want!" marshmallow guns,Old dead grenades,% a D.SM.


megan said...

sower apple street.
Dear ,Santa
Thank you for the socks and finger nails and also thank you for the designers world.I've been good this year because I am helping my mom put up the tree this week but at Christmas time I am making the cookies and I will pour the milk.Santa I want the Hannah Montana guitar at Wal-Mart and I want more finger nails and plz get
a strawberry candle. p.s the socks
were a little thing for my feet to
be warm.


gavin said...

P,O box 9111
Willow St.
Dear Santa

Thank you for the gifts last year.This year I`ve been good this year by helping my brother and sister clean there rooms and helping my Dad move wood and cinder blocks.This year i want a laptop,watch,mechanicals,playstation 3,airsoft sniper,and some clothes.that is all I want.Thank you for what you give Santa.


Danny said...

noel U.S.

Thank you for all the candy you gave me. I have been good with my mom and dad. This time I will like a sell phone. i will put chocoholic milk and cookies for you.


sergio said...

p.o.box 234
city, state 67890
Dear.Santa, For Christmas I want the new game Midnight club San Diego,pear phone,or a play station 3. I want to thank you for the gifts you gave me last year a phone,San Andreas,and a Nintendo 64.

sincerely Sergio.

Parker said...

3452 Jedi dr.
Dear Santa,
Thanks for the present last year. I loved the Wii game.I've been really good at helping people: I help the art teacher do exhibits and I have been doing all of my chores at home.
For Christmas I would like Guitar Hero world tour, spy video atv 360 and a n-strike Vulcan EBF- 25


tristin said...

387 Airsoft Rd.
Noel,MO 89473

Dear Santa,
Thank you for everything i got last year.Ive also been very good this year Ive helped my dad do guttering and take care of the moo moos.And for Christmas this year i would like a U.T.G Tactical Warhawk
U.T.G tactical vest,an upgrade kit
for the Tactical Warhawk,a claymore mine with wireless detonation,and a carry bag for the claymore mine.

Natalia said...

New York st.
21053 Lion Leg

Dear Santa,
I want an Iphone for me,my sister Barbara wants a laptop so she can put
movies,games,and chat with her friends.I'll be good if you bring the Iphone.Adriana and Adriana want balls for Basketball.My mom said when Santa
is going to came at the house she is going to put cookies and she is going to put the tree with us.

Alex M said...

78225 street
Noel, MO

Dear Santa,
I'm have been cling dish, and swiping, getting my sisters milk for her . And all I want is 1-10 new games for game cubs.

love Alex moya.

Rosa said...

P.O .Box 259

Dear Santa,

Thank you for your gifts you got for me it was so fun to watch tv and look at the movies thank you i really had fun with it.And for this year I helped my mom in washing dishes moping and baby siting Monday/ Thursday/ and Friday so for this Year I want a lop top and a cellphone. i REALLY wish for it.


Rosa said...

P.O .Box 259

Dear Santa,

Thank you for your gifts you got for me it was so fun to watch tv and look at the movies thank you i really had fun with it.And for this year I helped my mom in washing dishes moping and baby siting Monday/ Thursday/ and Friday so for this Year I want a lop top and a cellphone. i REALLY wish for it.


Mrs. Poulin said...

Norris Elementary School
34 Pomeroy Meadow Road
Southampton, MA 01027

Dear Santa,
Thank you so very much for the camera you gave me last Christmas. I put it to good use in my classroom. The new friends you sent me through the internet have been teaching me even more.
This year I would love to have some more good friends in my network and new learning tools for the class.
Oh, and if possible, could you put something on the list for next year? I would love a Prometheus board for my kindergarten class. They deserve it!

jkmcclung said...

Centerton, AR

Dear Santa,
First of all let me get something off my chest....I am so sorry about the speeding ticket I got last month. I swear I drive the speed limit in Sulphur Springs now....With that said, this year I am really looking forward to your visit, however I do not have much to ask for. I was going to ask for internet in my classroom and a working Smartboard, but it turns out both have already been fixed by the school's Tech Elfs. So in that case I will just leave you some milk and cookies and you my house as a good place to take a break this year. See ya soon Big Guy!

Mr. McClung

Leeza said...

789 Avacado Lane
Da Middle of Nowhere, Antarctica
Dear Santa,
I'm just an ordinary 5th grader with a big wish. For Christmas I would really like my very own tree. Not a Christmas tree but like a tree tree. One I can plant outside. If everyone had this wish the world could get greener. Also, I would like a Nintendo DS. As much as it is against my will I have no video games at all at home. Maybe I could just have one. Thank you soooooo much if you can help me.
Merry X-mas,

The Lipsky Team said...

Wow! Excellent letters to Santa Mr. C's Class!

Ok, here's mine:

Dear Santa,
My name is Miss Lipsky and I teach 5th grade in Jacksonville, Fl. I'd really like another set of Harry Potter books for my classroom (all 7 please) and a Nintendo Wii for my house. Thank you for the wonderful laptop I got last year so that I can work on my blog at home! :)

Miss L

Larisa Tarasevich said...

Wonderful letters!
I haven't written letters to Santa for ages.It's apitty I'm a grown up. May I'll try here.
Dear Santa,
Thanks for the opportunity to have so many friends around the world.
I wish my family and my students will be healthy. I wish I could have more spare time for my family and hobby.
I hope that some day I'll have a chance to visit The USA, New Zealand and Australia.
Take care,
An English teacher from Russian school