Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Comments4Kids for November 18

Our first stop today is Sarah's Blog, the Digital Media student of the week. You can check out the cool things she has made in class. (Make sure you watch the Battle of the politicians!!!!)

Next is the Lytton Street Jump Jammers from New Zealand. Check out their creative dancing. and leave a comment. This is like a dancing version of the PS22 blog from two weeks ago!

Mrs. Blystone's 3rd Grade Blog has a daily recorder that explains what happened in school every day. This is a great idea for a blog! Pick a post and leave a comment.

Mrs. Goerend's Students blog has contributed some descriptive essays. Their assignment was:

Students will be posting their descriptive essays on the blog soon. The goal of this assignment was to use word choice that "spices up" their writing and makes you understand the place, thing, or person they're describing with all five senses. Are you able to paint a picture in your mind of what they've described?

Read a few of the stories and leave a comment or two.

On the M9 Daily Diary is a post about a product a couple students created to sell at their school fair. Apparently it is not unusual for students to create and sell products in New Zealand! Leave a comment and tell answer the questions they have asked about the product.

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