Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Comments4Kids for November 4

Today you have an unusual opportunity. Public School 22 (PS22) has a very famous student chorus that performs regularly at big events and has been recognized by many famous musicians for their work. The blog has an incredible amount of content showing the students preparing and performing. I want you to spend time exploring the blog and checking out all the content. Then I want you to leave a comment.

Next we are going to Mr. McClung's class blog to leave him another message. This post is on how his students have showed him how much they care.

Next we will be visiting New Zealand again and commenting on two blogs from one school, the Yendarra school. The first post will be by the Yendarra School Pukekos. They have just started blogging and will love your encouragement. The second post has two parts. The first part is to read this post on teachers from the school visiting Samoa. Make sure you read my comment. The second part is to read my blog post on the reply I received from Miss Venturi. Incidentally, this is where I first found out about the Pukekos! I want you to leave a comment on their blog. Feel free to ask questions.

PS22 Chorus Blog
Mr. McClung's Blog
Yendarra School Pukekos
Yendara School Kiwis


Derrick said...

Hey Mr.c its Derrick from Mr.Millers class.We have a saying . It is be a peace builder not a bully. During the anonsments we see who has been a peace builder. On Friday the principal goes on the intercom and tells us who the peace builder is in our class and other fith grade classes. On every Wensday we nominate peace bulders and you were one. Yor peace builder papper said,I would like to nominate Mr.C because he is helping us in our goal 2500 so we could have no homework. P.S we have 953 hits.

Julie Niles Petersen said...

Wow! Amazing! Spectacular! I truly am speechless at everything I've read, seen, and listened to on here. I feel honored to be let in. Thank you for sharing, and keep up the phenomenal work!

Duc said...

Hi Mr. C,
Thank for visiting my blog and comment on it. You have a nice story on your cover it live hope you tell you other friend about my blog. And had you already visit my teacher blog? Well I bet you did, so please could you sand me some of you student blog if they do have their own blog.
From the kid you commented on,