Monday, November 02, 2009

Fear Factor 2009

On Friday we held our annual Fear Factor challenge for the fifth grade. I started this six years when I found I had some extra beef stick and cheese packages that I found to be pretty nasty. As I am wont to do, I solved my problem by having students compete in a contest. It originally was something I did in my homeroom, but the response was so good I expanded to the whole fifth grade the next year.

Fear Factor consists of three "tasks" which students have to complete. First we draw three student names from each classroom. (Students are asked first if they would like to participate.) Then I assign them the first task. This year it was a repeat of a task introduced four years ago, wearing their shoes around the neck. Some shoes smell so bad that it can be a difficult task to complete.

The second task this year was a variation on something we did last year. During the junior high dance the students had to sing karaoke to Michael Jackson's song "Thriller".

Students love to watch the final task, the eating and/or drinking of whatever nasty food we come up with.

Finally at the end of the day the remaining contestants had to eat something nasty, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean. These particular beans came in such wonderful flavors as vomit, soap, and booger.
At the end of the bean eating, the students had to drink buttermilk. Treyton won the competition and was crowned this years Fear Factor Champion!


Room 14, Yendarra School said...

Hi there!

We loved reading about your fear factor challenge, what a fun idea! As a class, we talked about what we could do if we had a fear factor challenge. We had some pretty gross ideas! We think you are very brave for smelling shoes.

Love from Room 14, Yendarra School
Otara, Auckland, New Zealand

Winter said...

Great idea...maybe we should send you over some deep fried crickets or some fried cockroaches which can be found at roadside stalls here in Thailand!

Wm Chamberlain said...

@Winter Four years ago we had freeze dried crickets for the food. They tasted like eating styrofoam. Not sure that even I would eat the cockroaches.
Mr. C

Ashlie said...

Good job to ALL of the participants!!! It sounds like you did a GREAT job!!! =D