Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Comments4Kids October 7

Justinsblog is our digital media blog of the week. Check out Justin's blog and give him some comment luv.

Next we have a couple university students that live in Canada. Check out these posts they wrote.

IGoogle Fun Quiz from Kyle's Blogger is a fun quiz using Google forms. Take the survey and leave a comment.

Keyboarding Survey Google Form from Kim's ECMP Blog is survey keyboarding. Fill in the survey and leave a comment.

Is there anyone out there? is a post from Beyond the Rainbow, a new blog started by a class in Portugal. In the post Carolina wants to know more about us. Read the post and tell her a little about yourself.

Mr. Goerend's Class has more stories posted. Read a story and leave a comment.
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Alex said...

Hi Mr. C.
Congratulations on the great work you do with your students. I have only just started blogging with my students and it's really helpful to be able to look at what other teachers are doing.